• Spindletop‌​ Volunteers‌​ are‌​ making‌​ a‌​ difference‌​ in‌​ at‌​-risk‌​ children’s‌​ lives.‌​

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  • Spindletop‌​ Charities‌​ announces‌​ a‌​ $275,000‌​ pledge‌​ to‌​ Crime‌​ Stoppers‌​ Safe‌​ School‌​ Institute!‌​

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  • Since‌​ 1966,‌​ Spindletop‌​ has‌​ contributed‌​ more‌​ than‌​ $23‌​ million‌​ to‌​ youth‌​ charities!‌​

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  • We‌​ are‌​ supported‌​ by‌​ the‌​ generosity‌​ of‌​ the‌​ oil‌​ and‌​ gas‌​ industry!‌​

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Our Mission

Spindletop Charities, Inc. enhances the lives of at-risk youth through funding and volunteering from the oil and gas industry, while promoting fellowship and networking among our participants.

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Who We Support

Since 1966, Spindletop has contributed over $23.1 million to aid children. Donations focus on specific projects and educational programs that directly serve at-risk youth. Over the years, the Spindletop name is honored on specific projects due to generous support.

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Get Involved

The Spindletop Community is made up of volunteers, charity partners, donors and event sponsors. Thanks to the generosity of the oil and gas industry, Spindletop provides integral funding and volunteer hours to at-risk youth charities across Houston.

Latest News

2019 Spindletop Toy Drive Spreads Holiday Cheer to At-Risk Kids

The Spindletop Toy Drive brings joy to children each year during the holiday season. As guests arrive at the Spindletop Holiday Ball, they are greeted by “thank you’s” from the 6th grade YES Prep elves as their gifts are collected. From age-appropriate books to toys to clothing, the generosity of our Holiday Ball guests spreads […]

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Our 50th Anniversary

Spindletop Charities, Inc. Celebrates 50 Years of Supporting Youth Charities

Spindletop Charities, Inc. celebrated its 50th anniversary at the 41st annual Spindletop Holiday Ball in 2014, and continued its Golden Jubilee Celebration through the 50th annual Spindletop Golf Tournament in 2015.

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Children are our most valuable resource.

Herbert Hoover