Spindletop Charities announces a $350,000 pledge to Youth Development Center!

Posted December 21, 2018

Spindletop Charities is pleased to announce a $350,000 pledge to Youth Development Center! This grant is designated for the new YDC facility currently under construction, located in Houston’s Greater Fifth Ward. Upon completion in spring 2019, the facility will include the Spindletop Library and Spindletop Playground in memory of Margaret and Orville Gaither (Spindletop Charities founding directors in 1965).  Youth Development Center is an after-school program dedicated to serving elementary students who, because of lacking requisite reading and math skills, are at-risk of being left behind. Students are welcomed in a loving atmosphere that provides rigorous academic structure, encouragement and discipline. Through this curriculum, they are living miracles of how education and love help to overcome adversity.

For more information: Youth Development Center