Aloha from YDC Summer Enrichment!

Posted July 27, 2017

On Wednesday, July 26, 2017 several Spindletop Young Professionals volunteered at the Youth Development Center Summer Enrichment Program. Youth Development Center(YDC) is a after school program located in Houston’s Greater Fifth Ward. During the academic year, YDC is an intensive after-school remediation program for students in grades 1-6. Through technology based instruction under the supervision of degreed teachers, YDC student advances their literacy and math skills to become more successful students.  During the summer, YDC hosts a 3-week enrichment program aimed at exposing students to new information and field trips around Houston.  Most students are transported from their homes to YDC at 8am, fed breakfast, a snack and lunch before being driven home at 1pm.  Throughout the day students are exposed to STEM activities, creative writing and other educational experiences. This year, YDC students learned about Hawaii by making leis, fossils, pineapple pinecones, and many other fun crafts. On this day, Spindletop volunteers helped YDC students with activities about the Hawaiian Nini bird and the multiple uses for coconuts. YDC students were very curious about our volunteers and how they picked the oil and gas field as a career and what kind of schooling was required.

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