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Spindletop Army Volunteers with the Citizens of Brookwood Community, 2019

Posted June 3, 2020

2019 Volunteering at Brookwood Community

The Brookwood Community is a residential facility and vocational program for adults with disabilities. Located in Brookshire, TX, Brookwood provides an educational environment that creates meaningful work, builds a sense of belonging and awakens genuine purpose in the lives of its citizens. In 2008, the Spindletop Greenhouse was built. The Emerging Leaders and Spindletop Army volunteers held two
events in 2019 at the Greenhouse – Spring Planting & Horticulture Day in March and Holiday Poinsettia Planting in August. Volunteers worked alongside the citizens in the horticulture program to prep their plants for beautiful blooming!

“Spindletop Charities is a great example of how our industry comes together by combining our human
capital to attack the problems our community youth faces on a daily basis. I have personally seen how
both volunteer outreach and financial contributions have impacted our youth.”

Parker Auld, Equinor, Spindletop Emerging Leader Steering Committee Member

Spring Planting and Horticulture Day, March 2019

Holiday Poinsettia Planting, August 2019
Photo Gallery: https://2019brookwoodpoinsettiaplanting.shutterfly.com/