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Spindletop Volunteers Judge Drone Racing Competition with Workshop Houston

Posted June 5, 2020

All-Earth Ecobot Challenge

Workshop Houston provides creative, technical and educational resources to at-risk youth. Their vision is to lay the groundwork for a just society by creating a community that provides children and teens with support, expanded opportunities and alternative definitions of success.

In May 2019, Workshop partnered with the Harris County Department of Education in hosting the All-Earth Ecobot Challenge, a drone racing competition held at Space Center Houston. Middle School student teams from various school districts and charter schools throughout greater Houston competed to be named champions. The students used their science and engineering knowledge while honing in on their communication and team work skills to successfully move their drone device through the obstacle races. Spindletop Army volunteers served as the judges for the competition and encouraged positive communication among the participants.

“Spindletop gives me a constructive  way to donate time to the at-risk youth of our community. If any
of the lives that we touch are influenced to join our industry, they will always have the support structure to become future leaders.”
Blake Arceneaux, Halliburton, Spindletop Emerging Leader Steering Committee