Spindletop Holiday Ball Honorees

Two awards are presented at the annual Spindletop Holiday Ball. The Spindletop Award is presented to an individual from the producing sector of the oil and gas industry, and The Spindletop Founders Award is presented to an individual from the service sector of the industry. Both award recipients are honored for their dedication to the industry, the community at large, and for their personal and company support to Spindletop.

The Spindletop Award

The Spindletop Award was to honor an individual within the exploration and production sector of the oil and gas industry for his or her contributions and involvement in both the industry and the community at large.

The 2019 Spindletop Founders Award was presented to Mr. Lee Tillman.

The Spindletop Award Past Honorees

  • David Stover, 2018

    Chairman and CEO

    Noble Energy

  • Neil Duffin, 2017


    ExxonMobil Production Companuy

  • Marvin Odum, 2016

    Retired Chairman & President

    Shell Oil Company

    Executive Committee Director

    Royal Dutch Shell PLC

  • Bill Albrecht, 2015

    Executive Chairman

    California Resources Corporation

  • 50th Anniversary, 2014

    Honoring Past Recipients

  • Doug Suttles, 2013

    President & CEO

    Encana Corporation

  • Ali Moshiri, 2012

    President Africa & Latin America, Exploration & Production


  • Ryan M. Lance, 2011

    Senior VP Exploration & Production, International


  • Rich M. Kruger, 2010


    ExxonMobil Production Company

  • Michael A. Weill, 2009

    Retired President of Operations & Technology

    BHP Billiton

  • William B. Berry, 2008

    Executive Vice President, Retired


  • Duane Radtke, 2007

    President & CEO

    Dominion Oil and Gas Company

  • Clarence P. Cazalot, Jr., 2006

    President & CEO

    Marathon Oil Corporation

  • Raymond I. Wilcox, 2005

    Corporate Vice President & President

    Chevron North America Exploration & Production Company

  • Morris E. Foster, 2004


    ExxonMobil Production Company

  • Charles D. Davidson, 2003

    President & CEO

    Noble Energy, Inc.

  • Archie W. Dunham, 2002

    Chairman of the Board


  • Jack W. Schanck, 2001


    Samson Investment Company

  • Joe B. Foster, 2000

    Chairman of the Board

    Newfield Exploration Company

  • Jack E. Little, 1999

    President & CEO

    Shell Oil Company

  • Ray Galvin, 1998


    Chevron USA

  • Ansel L. Condray, 1997


    Exxon Company, USA

  • John B. Brock, 1996

    Chairman & CEO

    United Meridian Corporation

  • Phillip J. Carroll, 1995

    President & CEO

    Shell Oil Company

  • James L. Payne, 1994

    Chairman & CEO

    Santa Fe Energy Resources

  • William J. Johnson, 1993

    President & CEO

    Apache Corporation

  • Victor G. Beghini, 1992


    Marathon Oil Company

  • Robert J. Allison, Jr., 1991

    Chairman & CEO

    Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

  • B.G. Agnew, 1990

    Manager of Drilling Operations

    Exxon Company, International

  • Orville D. Gaither, 1989

    President, Africa & Middle East Region

    Amoco Oil Company

  • F.E. “Tut” Ellis, 1988

    EVP International Exploration & Production

    Conoco, Inc.

  • Henry O. Boswell, 1987

    Former President

    Amoco Production Company

  • John F. Bookout, 1986

    President & CEO

    Shell Oil Company

  • Fred Hartley, 1985

    Chairman of the Board & CEO

    Unocal Corporation

  • Loy D. “Butch” Griffin, 1984


    Chairman of the Board & Founder

    Spindletop International

  • Ray A. Burke, 1983

    Senior Vice President & Director

    Union Oil of California

  • Robert O. Anderson, 1982

    Chairman of the Board

    Atlantic Richfield Company

  • William. P. Clements, Jr., 1981

    Governor of Texas


    SEDCO, Inc.

  • Randolph Yost, 1980

    Retired Senior Vice President

    Director & Member of the Board of Directors

    Standard Oil Company of Indiana

  • Willis Kenley Clark, 1979

    Retired Executive Vice President

    Superior Oil Company

  • Kenneth E. Montague, 1978

    President and Director

    General Crude Oil Company

  • James H. Galloway, 1977

    Retired Senior Vice President

    Exxon Company, USA

  • E.J. “Bear” Gracey, 1976

    Contractor & Oil Operator

    Gulf Coast Pioneer Drilling

The Spindletop Founders Award

The Spindletop Founders Award is presented to an individual within the service sector of the oil and gas industry for his or her contributions and involvement in both the industry and the community at large.

The 2019 Spindletop Founders Award was presented to Mr. Clay Williams.

Spindletop Founders Award Past Honorees

  • The Family of Orville D. and Margaret Gaither, 2018

  • Jeff Gorski, 2017

    Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

    Tidewater Inc.

  • John Gremp, 2016

    Chairman of the Board

    FMC Technologies, Inc.

  • Martin Craighead, 2015

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

    Baker Hughes Incorporated

  • 50th Anniversary, 2014

    Honoring Past Recipients

  • Merrill A. (Peter) Miller Jr., 2013

    Chairman & CEO

    National Oilwell Varco

  • David W. Williams, 2012

    President & CEO

    Noble Corporation

  • Joe M. Hudson, 2011

    President & Chief Operating Officer

    Nabors Drilling USA, L.P.

  • Peter D. Kinnear, 2010

    Chairman & CEO

    FMC Technologies, Inc.

  • Chad Deaton, 2009

    Chairman of the Board, President & CEO

    Baker Hughes

  • Jack B. Moore, 2008

    President & CEO


  • Dean Taylor, 2007

    President & CEO

    Tidewater, Inc.

  • Burt A. Adams, 2006

    President & CEO

    Oil & Gas Rental Services, Inc.

  • Galen Cobb, 2005

    Vice President, Industry Relations


  • Sheldon Erikson, 2004

    President & CEO

    Cooper Cameron Corporation

  • J.W. Stewart, Jr., 2003

    Chairman, President, & CEO

    BJ Services, Inc.

  • Joseph A. Netherland, 2002

    Chairman, President, & CEO

    FMC Technologies, Inc.

  • Robert L. Parker, 2001

    Chairman of the Board

    Parker Drilling Company

  • William E. Bradford, 2000

    Retired Chairman & CEO

    Dresser Industries, Inc.

  • Jerry E. Richards, 1999

    Vice President Industry Relations

    Schlumberger Oilfield Services

  • Robert E. Rose, 1998

    President & CEO

    Cardinal Services

  • B.A. “Red” Adams, 1997

    Chairman of the Board

    Managing Partner

    Oil & Gas Rental Services, Inc

  • Philip Burguieres, 1996

    Chairman, President & CEO

    Weatherford Enterra, Inc.

  • James C. Day, 1995

    President & CEO

    Noble Drilling Corporation

  • M.E. “Bo” Eagles, 1994

    President & General Manager, Weatherford Services

    Weatherford International, Inc.

  • Alan A. Baker, 1993

    Chairman & CEO

    Halliburton Energy Services

  • Robert F. Killion, 1992

    Executive Vice President

    Baroid Corporation

  • Jimmy Dale Callison, 1991


    Dowell Schlumberger

  • James L. Bryan, 1990

    President & CEO

    M-I Drilling Fluids Company

  • Roy R. Shourd, 1989


    Schlumberger Limited

  • Ralph Murphy, 1988

    Vice President

    Sales Offshore Logistics, Inc.

  • Edwin Conway Broun, 1987


    Hughes Tool Company

  • Charles A. Rosenthal, 1986


    Schlumberger Well Services

    Schlumberger Company

  • H.E. “Eddie” Chiles, 1985

    Chairman of the Board

    The Western Company

  • Paul N. “Red” Adair, 1984


    Red Adair Company, Inc.

  • William D. Kent, 1983

    Chairman of the Board & CEO

    Reading and Bates Drilling Company

  • David M. Johnson, 1982

    President & Chairman of the Board

    PETCO, Inc.

  • Robert M. Edwards, 1981

    Vice President, Executive Sales

    Magcobar Group Dresser Industries, Inc.

  • James R. Lesch, 1980

    President & CEO Chairman of the Board

    Hughes Tool Company

  • R.W. “Bob” Smith, 1979

    Vice President, Customer Relations

    Dresser Industries, Inc.

  • Park L. Myers, 1978

    Senior Vice President, Marketing

    Hughes Tool Company

  • Williard M. Johnson, 1977


    Magcobar Mud Company