Spindletop Youth Charity Project

Camp For All

Camp For All is the only truly barrier free camp working throughout the year in partnership with more than 60 nonprofit organizations to help bring the joy of camping to more than 10,000 campers each year. These children all have challenging illnesses and special needs, such as spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injuries and cancer. Since 2001, Spindletop has supported the Camp For All Equestrian Program. Horseback riding is not only recreational but it can significantly promote independence, self-esteem and improved physical ability of a child with physical or mental impairments. There is also a small animal farm where the campers can feed, pet and groom miniature horses, rabbits, turtles and birds. When the  campers care for the animals it builds their sense of responsibility by focusing on their capabilities rather than their limitations.

For more information: www.campforall.org