Spindletop Youth Charity Project

Children’s Assessment Center

Supported by Spindletop Charities since 1992

Recognized throughout the United States as a leading children’s advocacy center, The Children’s Assessment offers an array of services to children whose lives have been disrupted by child sexual abuse. A detailed interview of the child to safely record their statements and eliminate the need to re-tell their painful experience is one of the first services provided by CAC. Spindletop funded the original CAC Forensic Interviewing System in the early 1990’s, and with the advent of the digital age, Spindletop recognized the need for advanced technology. In 2005, $300,000 was donated to fund CAC’s state of the art forensic interviewing digital conversion project, and three years later in 2008, Spindletop donated an additional $150,000 for CAC’s medical clinic digital conversion. An average of 350-425 interviews each month are being processed at CAC.

Most recently, in 2018, $20,000 was donated to sponsor the Spindletop Family Gathering Room, where families unite for special occasions, all supervised by CAC staff.

For more information about Children’s Assessment Center: www.cachouston.org

Spindletop representatives Constance White and Duane Radtke presented a Spindletop check in 2005 to CAC representatives Susan Wagner, US Congressman Ted Poe and Harris County Judge Robert Eckels. The Enhanced Technology Digital Conversion Project has assisted in building necessary support to the successful prosecution of child sex offenders.

The new digital technology system will create a more efficient process that will reduce the time it takes for cases to be processed through the system. The Spindletop grant means safety and healing for our children well into the new millennium.

— Elaine Stolte, Children’s Assessment Center